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Terra Group: An emergency group of New Republic Intelligence operatives, based off of a relatively unknown planet with little to no connection to the galaxy as a whole, and having already proven themselves capable of operating independently.

From the Adventures of Terra Group

Each TG story arc has been archived here at the HQ.

Project Boussh

Project Boussh

The story that started it all. November, 2000: Only days before the American presidential election, the campaign manager for the Committee To Elect General Wedge Antilles, one Quiara, goes missing. Computer trouble? A leave of absence? Or is there a more sinister explanation for her disappearance? Fearing the worst, AFWers call on The Great One himself to rescue Quiara, along with an all-star team of Rogues and Wraiths--and thirteen Terrans. But Team Boussh will find more than they bargained for in the Search for Quiara...

Operation Arrakis

Operation Arrakis

Quiara's back to campaigning, and Terra's back to relative peace and safety...or is it? Tensions in the Middle East are (as always) high - but this time, someone's got GFFA technology on their side...


TG 2011

"Someday, everyone will know how and why a group of internet nerds in some banana republic lit a fire that would change the world." Terra Group -- disbanded and scattered -- is brought back together by a new threat.

Miscellaneous Episodes and Non-Canon Story-Arcs

Operation Darkness

A non-canon adventure: The Yuuzhan Vong invade Earth. Is Terra Group ready for this new threat?

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The Terra Group Logo: New Republic crest superimposed on a stylized Terra, surrounded by the unit name "Terra Group" in Roman and Aurebesh letters, with thirteen stars representing the thirteen members of Terra Group.

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